Alabama Physical Fitness Assessment

St. Joseph participates in the Alabama Physical Fitness Assessment that is administrated in PE class. This assessment is designed to educate and promote fitness, sports, and goal settings for students. The test comprehensively measures students through the PACER (aerobic cardiovascular), the mile-run (endurance), push-ups (muscular strength), the sit-n-reach (flexibility), and curl ups (abdominal strength). Awards are given at the end of the year. For more information, contact Coach Tays.

Honor Roll

Membership is open to students in 4th through 8th grades who maintain an A/B average in all subjects (core and specials) and an 84 percent or higher in conduct.

National Geography Bee

National Geography Bee, an educational program of the National Geographic Society, is a nationwide geography competition for 4th through 8th grade students. The school-wide winner is eligible to compete for a spot in the state level competition. For more information, contact Mr. Franck or Mrs. Magee.

President’s Education Awards

The purpose of the President’s Education Awards is to recognize student achievement and hard work. Membership is open to 8th grade students who meet the requirements. For requirements, see President’s Education Awards.

Spelling Bee

Students from 1st through 8th grades are eligible to participate in the school wide spelling bee. Teachers identify the top two spellers in each class for the school competition. The winning representative participates in the Lauderdale County Spelling Bee. For more information, contact Mrs. Connolly.