St. Joseph School Foundation

Our Mission:

The Mission of the St. Joseph School Foundation has, since its inception in 1986, been to provide children in Northwest Alabama, the opportunity to grow in mind, spirit, and body by ensuring the long-term continuation of Catholic Education in the region. The Foundation serves to accomplish this mission through annual support of St.Joseph Regional Catholic School.


Our Vision:

At the outset, the vision of the Founders of the St. Joseph School Foundation was to accumulate an Endowment that would provide a significant offset to expenses incurred to operate St. Joseph's Regional Catholic School and to grow adequately to continue this support regardless of the economic environment, enrollment or inflation factors impacting the school budget. In order to accomplish this vision Board Members must:


• Exercise prudent judgment in the management of fund assets.

• Always temper short term needs with long term vision.

• Provide support for the school both financially and with active involvement.

• Promote unity with all participating parishes in the support of the school and the Foundation.


Our Goals:

In order to support our long-term vision, we will take action to accomplish the following:

• Grow the Foundation Endowed fund to double its current size within 10 years.

• Grow the total fund assets to double its current size.

• Grow annual funding to the school to at least $100,000 per year.

• Through partnerships with parishes, the school, the PTO, and supporters, increase the Foundation visibility and recognition as a major funding source for St.Joseph's Regional Catholic School.